Objects On Stool part I – V

A couple of months ago I started doing a little series on Instagram called ‘Objects On Stool’.  I actually started after i visited a local ceramics shop here in Copenhagen called Apato Copenhagen that besides ceramics has a small selection of furniture and other interior stuff. In the shop they had some stools that I immediately totally fell for and I just had to get one.  When I came home with it, I tried to photograph it, but couldn’t seem to get the photo I could see in my head. But then I placed a plant on it and shot a photo and that made the photo way better, but I still wasn’t satisfied. Then I placed a couple of magazines, the plant and my favourite Parfume from Le Labo on it – and now the photo was exactly how I wanted it to be. Then for fun I just tried to put my favourite Nike sneakers on it and shot another photo. I liked that one too – and then I got the idea to make the series Objects On Stool where I would photograph, not just any objects, but all my favourite objects on that stool. So far I have done 6 parts in the series and I plan to do many more. Here are the first five with links:


Part l – a couple of Kinfolk magazines together with my favourite succulent plant from Bloom CPH and my favourite fragrance from New York based Le Labo Santal 33


Part II was my a shot of my favourite Nike Sneakers the 2014 collab between Nike Lab and Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Fragment Design the Roshe Run LD-1000 SP.


For Part III I reused the idea of placing some magazines on the stool.This time both Cereal and Kinfolk. On top of the magazines is the best cap I have ever owned. It’s by the danish artisan Martin Steen Olsen and his brand Le Amonie. He actually started making small leather goods which also are amazing and probably will be featured in an upcoming shot. The cap is made of velvet and the fit combined with the super luxury the feel and look of the cap just makes this cap perfect in my eyes.


Part IV is one of those objects I use almost every day. It’s my work briefcase ( I wrote a post about that a while ago – read it here!) from Filson. It’s one of those pieces that could last a lifetime. It’s amazing quality and timeless design and it just gets better and better the more you use it.



Part V was my favourite white sneakers and also something I almost wear everyday. These sneakers from swedish CQP are just awesome – besides looking super clean they are just comfy as hell – they feel like butter on my feet. Here featured as a box fresh.


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