Mallorca tips

Usually when I write about a city or area I do a small guide to the place, but with Mallorca I dont dare to call it a guide. There are just many too many cool places, spots, restaurants etc. to call this a guide. We were only there for a week and therefore we only discovered a fragment of the cool places in Mallorca. But here are a few tips for places definitely worth checking out on this beautiful island.



Son Brull

Son Brull is a spa, hotel and restaurant 3 kilometers from Pollensa. It’s one of those places where you just want to stay in for ever. The hotel is pretty expensive but if money isn’t an issue I would definitely stay here. It was a bit out of our price range for staying but we decided to have dinner there. It was close to perfect, but I think that next time I would go for lunch instead so that we could enjoy the stunning view and the setting of the whole place while there was still daylight. The food was great, interior is on point and the service was perfect and even though it was a bit posh the ambiance was really cool and laid back and even very kid friendly.  Reservations are needed.



Bistro 19 by Living Dreams

Bistro 19 is a court yard restaurant located in the back of a interior design shop in Santa Maria Del Cami. The shop is ok, but nothing special but the restaurant took me by storm. The courtyard is unbelievable beautiful with its different plateaus and little cosy spots everywhere.  We were there for lunch and the food was some of the best we had on the entire trip – I highly recommend the noodles.  This is a must try spot in Mallorca. Reservations is recommended.




La Terrassa

La Terrassa is located in Port De Pollensa and is open for both dinner and lunch. We tried both, and dinner was good (I recommend the pasta with shrimps and safran)  while lunch was mediocre. But actually we didn’t go there for the food. This place is all about the view and ambiance. It’s located out on a little pier by the boardwalk and if you get a table all the way out by the water it’s just amazing to sit there and enjoy the view and just relax.



Simply Delicious 

We only spent half a day in Palma and we had lunch at a little cosy Israeli restaurant. Its located in Santa Catalina which by the way is a super cool and cosy area in Palma. The falafel dish was just super.



Cafe Riu Tort

One of the first things I always try to find in a new city is a decent coffee place. I only found one really good place in Mallorca and that was Cafe Riu Tort in Palma.  Beside the regular espresso, latte etc. they also serve a very well brewed Hario V60. Interior was nice but nothing out of the ordinary. They close at 16.00.



Ca’s Patro March

Located a couple of kilometres outside of the beautiful village Deia (which is also worth a visit) and more or less impossible to reach unless you are by car. The food is good but not amazing but the location, scenery and the whole setting is so amazing. Definitely worth the drive.



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