Favourite Three – Long Sleeve Summer Shirts

Time for another Favourite Three post. This time about my current favourite long sleeved summer shirts. I wear shirts all year round, but in the summer I usually wear brighter colors and of course light fabrics. I don’t own shirts that i only use in the summer, but the heavier wool shirts dont get rocked much when the sun is out. Here are my favourites for this summer.

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Favourite three summer shirts

NN07 Seersucker
Armoire Oficielle


NN07 New Derek shirt in Seersucker is a summer classic. The Seersucker fabric is perfect for summer and the white/blue stripe shirt works with almost everything. The fit is tailored and quality is great.

Libertine-Libertine has for several years been one of my favourite brands when it comes to shirts. Their fit is in my opinion close to perfect and quality is always good. Their Hunter shirt comes in many colors and this white model is super for all seasons. The fit makes it my favourite white oxford shirt.

Armoire Officielle is also on of my favourites brands. And this Aaran shirt is just made for summer days and nights. It’s made in a silky Tencel fabric and just feels so freaking good even when the weather is really hot. Armoire Officielle’s fit is almots always pretty slim and the quality of their garments are great. Their stuff always feels kinda luxurious and this shirt is no exception.


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Armoire Officielle Aaran

Pants: Holzweiler
Sneakers: CQP
Wallet: Le Armonie

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NN07 New Derek

Pants: Holzweiler
Shoes: Adidas Originals
Watch: Fortis

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Libertine-Libertine Hunter

Shoes: Adidas Originals x Hyke Haillet


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