The Essentials – Navy trousers

Every now and then I get the question “What do you think are essential pieces in a wardrobe?”. And i know that it’s quite individual what people consider essentials pieces, but i have decided to continuously highlight some pieces that I consider to be essential in my wardrobe.

The first piece I wanna focus on is the Navy coloured trousers. For me this is one of the most important pieces – I wear these all year round and for almost any occasion , and they go with almost everything (shirt, sweatshirt, t-shirt, knits etc.). I have 3-4 pairs of navy trousers, but the my favourites at the moment (and for about the last year) is the Holzweiler Going Tropical trousers. They are not made of wool as most of my other trouser, but in a mix of poly and viscose. This makes them look a little less ‘dress pants’ like and more lightweight than wool trousers. The fit is in my opinion perfect – these are some of the only trousers I didn’t have to send to the tailor before wearing. They are slim and cropped, but still with enough room in the thighs.

Holzweiler released the Going Tropical in their SS16 collection, and i dont know if they will continue with them in their next collections, but i really do hope so. You can get the trousers from Holzweilers webshop HERE!


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Shoes: Adidas Originals Stan Smith
Trousers: Holzweiler Going Tropical
Polo: Fonda Sublime

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Sneakers: Adidas Originals Stan Smith
Trousers: Holzweiler Going Tropical
T-shirt: Handvaerk




7 thoughts on “The Essentials – Navy trousers

  • Awesome item! Thanks for sharing – will definitely look into them. What other navy trousers alternative are on your list?

    • Hey Alex.
      Sorry about the late reply.
      Other alternatives could be Incotex, Oscar Jacobson, libertine-libertine or Acne.
      Only thing is that all of the above in my opinion has to be sent to a tailor before they have the perfect fit.

      I have the linen shorts and they are nice, so I guess that the linen pants are gone be cool too. It seems they have the same fit as the going tropical.
      Hope that answers your questions.
      Have a great day.

      • Thanks Martin,

        I’ll probably buy both the Linen and Tropical and then decide which fit I prefer.
        I am not a huge fan of Zara, but I actually found a nice pair of navy trousers which are a good option when looking for more reasonably priced options.

  • Just received both the tropical and the linen. Unfortunately I find the legs a bit too short, I am quite tall though (194 cm, bought XL). For me they are also a little to dropped in the crotch leaving a bit of cloth just hanging around looking weird. It is a real pity since the quality of the pants feels really good. I guess they are nice pants, but not for me =(
    The hunt goes on, any ideas?

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