All hands on desk

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My Desk

Computer: iMac
Chair: Arne Jacobsen Series 7
Headphones: Urbanears
Notebooks: Nomess
Scissors: Nomess

A couple of years ago I decided to try and make my own desk from scratch. I had an idea about making a pretty rugged desk – partly because I like the rugged expression and partly because I really suck at building things and there was no way I could make something sophisticated.

So I went to a sawmill and found a pretty thick and rugged piece of plank that still had bark on side. I sanded both sides down to grit 240, still leaving the bark on the side. When the plank was as smooth as i wanted it to be i oiled both sides with a good oil. I repeated the oiling process about 4 times, letting the oil dry in between. I really wanted to preserve the bark on the plank so i decided to apply a lot of layers of lacquer to the bark – i think i gave around 20 times of lacquer over three days – slow process but i’m really happy with the end result.

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The sanded down plank with the first layer of wood oil applied.

I had a pretty clear idea about the legs of the desk being welded together of some raw square steel bars, but since I dont know how to weld I asked my father in law to help with this process. I asked him to make the weldings rugged and without processing the steel bars in any way.

desk detail

I paired the finished desk with a old Arne Jacobsen Series 7 office chair in cognac leather and an Apple iMac 21.5″. I also always have som paper in form of a notebook and at least one pencil so I can scribble down ideas. A green plant and a cup of coffee are the finishing touch and my home office is ready.

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Clean desk

Coffee maker: Chemex

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On desk:

Watch: Max Rene
Wallet: An Ivy Copenhagen
Scissors: Nomess
Glasses: Crosseye

Messy desk

3 thoughts on “All hands on desk

  • I’ve been trying to find a wood desk top like yours for a while. Never thought going to a saw mill, crazy thing is that I have one right behind my house I’m going over there tomorrow! Lol
    But I was wondering how much the slab of wood costed you?
    Also, I was wondering to know could you give me step by step instruction in treating the wood , and kind of oil and etc.
    I have legs in mind already.

    Thanks in advance!

    You’re the freshes dude on Instagram by far!

    You should follow me back bro insta: thedailyelliott

    • Hey Ray,

      Sorry about the very late response 🙂

      The wood didn’t cost me much – as i recall it was about 25 usd.

      I can’t remember what kind of oil and lacquer i used, but just use some without color in it and apply a LOT of it over several time.

      Good luck mate.

      Best regards,

  • Hey Martin,

    I’ve been in touch with a couple of saw mills here in Copenhagen to make a similar desk. But the prices they give me are ridiculous.

    Can you remember what saw mill you bought it from?


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