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The swedish label Cos has a long tradition of collabs with strong brands. In 2015 they made a collab with the online retailer Mr. Porter. The collab was named ‘The Modern Traveller’, and was in my opinion one of the best Cos collections to date. So I was pretty excited when I discovered that Cos and Mr.Porter decided to make a new collection together. The new collection is named ‘The Art Of The Everyday’ and are a fall/winter based capsule collection.  Here is how Cos and Mr.Porter describes the new collection:

“This is the second exclusive collection between the two retailers, building and expanding upon themes from last Summer’s capsule The Modern Traveller. As our journeyman returns home and finds himself with an eclectic mix of memorabilia, colours, textures, words and objects, he is inspired by his travels and experience, but values the comfort and consistency of being home. He appreciates homeware design, craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail, and finds value and importance in building a space unique to one’s experience. “


Cos X Mr.Porter

Some of the styles in the capsule collection


I had the oppertunity the see the full collection and it’s a strong line-up featuring 33 styles including knits, coats, shoes, trousers, shirts etc. PersonallyI really love the knits and pants and especially the blush cashmere knitted sweater called Mr. Bute. The full collection will be available online on Cos and Mr.Porter on the 27. october and propably in Cos Stores worldwide soon after.

Oh yeah, and of course my favourite three pieces:

Hover Image


Cashmere Sweater: Cos x Mr.Porter "Mr. Bute"
Heavy Knit: Cos x Mr.Porter "Mr. Fairfax"
Trousers: Cos x Mr.Porter "Mr. Immanuel"
Shoes: CQP Raqcuet


Cos x Mr.Porter MartinTheMeat

Cos x Mr.Porter MartinTheMeat


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