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I am born and raised in Copenhagen and have lived here almost all my life and I really love my city. In the last decade Copenhagen has transformed from a large provincial town into a small metropole. The city has really evolved and in my opinion it’s one of the most beautiful and interesting city’s in northern Europe. I have put together a mini-guide to shopping, dining, drinking coffee and overall enjoying the city. The guide covers some of my personal favorite spots and hopefully it can provide some inspiration if  you are new to Copenhagen.


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Acne Flagship Store
Pilestræde 40b
1117 København K


In the last couple of years Copenhagen has transformed into a great shopping city. With brands like Acne, Norse Projects, Wood Wood, Hay, NN07, HAN Kjøbenhavn opening flagship stores and a lot of small concept stores you can shop until you drop. Most of the shops are located in the center of Copenhagen but you can find great shops all over the city.


Center of copenhagen:
  • Norse Store – Carries brands like CDG, Common Projects, Junya Watanabe , A.P.C. etc.
  • Wood Wood – Cool store with brands like CDG Play, White Mountaineering, Adidas, Nike etc.
  • Wardrobe 19 – A bit more herritage like with names as Grenson, Journal, Hansen etc.
  • Sur Le Chemin – Their small but amazingly beautiful flagship store.
  • Han Kjøbenhavn – Han Kbh flagship store. Beautiful store.
  • Storm – High end streetwear stuff like Raf Simons, AMI, Holzweiler etc.
  • NN07 – The NN07 flagship. Located right across from Wood Wood.
  • Illum – Department store.
  • HAY – Contemporary nordic design in furniture and home accessories.
  • Acne Store – Acne has two stores in the center of Copenhagen.
  • Wood Wood Museum – Wood Wood’s outlet.
  • Le Labo – Newly opened flagship store.
  • Soulland shop – ( very close to Central cafe and hotel)
  • Consil KBH – Focus on nordic brands like Libertine-Libertine, Soulland, Norse Projects, Our Legacy etc.

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Sur Le Chemin

Lille Kirkestræde 3 1072 København K

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Han Kjøbenhavn

Vognmagergade 7 1120 København K

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Consil København

Falkoner Alle 14 2000 Frederiksberg



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Coffee Collective Frederiksberg

Jeans: Weekday
Sneakers: Nike x Fragment LD-1000 Roshe
Sunnies: Han Kjøbenhavn

There a plenty of good coffee shops all around Copenhagen. I have only mentioned a few here, since theese are the only ones I use on a regular basis.


  • Coffee Collective – My personal favourite. Superb coffee, cool interior and great friendly staff.
  • Kaffevaerk – Nothing special, but good coffee.
  • Central cafe and hotel – Formerly known as the world’s smallest hotel – it has a tiny coffee shop as well. Definitely worth a visit, if not for anything else, then just for the photo op.
  • Enghave Kaffe  – Owned by MC builders so the theme is pretty biker, but super cozy and great vibe. Coffee is good too.
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Coffee Collective

Godthåbsvej 34b
2000 Frederiksberg

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Central Hotel and Cafe





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Gasoline Grill

Best burger in Copenhagen
Landegreven 12, Kbh K

Copenhagen is a dinning Mecca. There are a ton of great restuarants and cafe’s all over the city and it seems like a new one is opening every day. It is not cheap to dine out in Copenhagen though. I have selected a few places that i really like, but do not be afraid to just go scouting for restaurants – they are everywhere.


  • Tommis Burger – Located in Kødbyen. Pretty good burgers and fries. Cheap’ish prices.
  • Mother Pizza – Pizza restuarant located in Kødbyen. Affordable.
  • KUL – Yet another restuarant located in Kødbyen. Very good food. Medium-high price range.
  • Neigbourhood Pizza – Organic pizza and good cocktails. Affordable prices.
  • Gorilla – Also located in Kødbyen. Lots of small diffrent tasty dishes and great cocktails. Medium price range.
  • Gasonline Grill – Located in an old Gas Station. Best burgers in Copenhagen. Try the Butterburger. Very affordable – Burger, fries and drink for 100 dkr.
  • Atlas Bar – Great affordable food. Nothing fancy but one of my personal favourites.Lots of vegetarian dishes as well.
  • La Galette – Crepperie. Great for lunch. Affordable and located in a cozy backyard. Both indoor and outdoor serving
  • Llama – kinda hyped Latin American food – tastes great but a bit expensive. Good cocktails.
  • Condessa – mexican food – affordable but not cheap. Good cocktails.
  • Høst – Nice interior and great food. Kinda expensive.
  • Grød – wierd restuarant that only serves porridge dishes. Affordable and very different foodwise.
  • Relæ – very good and pretty expensive
  • Cafe Auto  – Nothing fancy but I love the interior and vibe. Food is affordable and good.
  • Salon 39 – good affordable food and great cocktails
  • Granola – Maybe one of the coolest Cafes in Copenhagen. Affordable and great food. Almost always a lot of people though.
  • Yolk – Super cozy small breakfast and lunch place that servers eggs and chicken.

Hangouts and places to chill:


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Olivers Garage

A former gas station by the danish architect Arne Jacobsen. Today it's and Ice Cream Parlour.


  • Jægersborggade – A really cozy street in Nørrebro with lot of great restaurants and coffee shops. –
  • Kødbyen – The old Meatpacking district lots of restaurants and galleries and nightclubs. Close to the central station. Good both in the day and by night –
  • Torvehallerne  – A big foodcourt located in the center of Copenhagen.
  • Papirsøen – Street food trucks and coffee and stuff.
  • Olivers Garage – If you have a car while you are here and like architecture and icecream then visit the former gasstation now icecream parlor designed by Arne Jacobsen. It’s a 20 minutes drive from the center of Copenhagen.

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