Coffee Time

I really appreciate a good cup of coffee. And I also really like brewing a good cup of coffee. I know it sounds weird, but I actually get a zen kinda feeling when I take the time to brew a proper cup of pour over coffee. There is a lot of arguing about how to make the best cup of coffee – some swear to brewing with an espresso machine, but I definitely prefer hand brewed coffee. When it comes to hand brewed coffee there is also a lot of different opinions and ways to do it. Personally I prefer Chemex and Hario v60, and in this small ‘guide’ I’ll show you how i brew a cup of Chemex pour over coffee.

First of all – the equipment: You could run out and buy yourself a lot of coffee nerding equipment, but you actually don’t need a lot to make a good cup. Off course you need a brewer (Chemex, Hario v60, Kalita etc.) and some filters (My advice is to always buy original filters), and some good coffee – And that is actually all you need. I have also invested in a coffee grinder and a gooseneck pitcher, but you could just buy your coffee pre-grinded and pour water directly from the kettle. Furthermore you could buy a coffee scale, timer, special coffee kettle etc. etc. The most important thing here is the coffee beans off course. I always buy beans when I’m traveling. I visit a lot of coffee shops and try their coffee and then select the ones I like. I also order some beans online from the vendors I like (fx. Top Kaffe and Holy Bean – both are danish). Personally I usually prefer light roasted beans from south america

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Peruvian, Kenya and Special batch from Top Kaffe
Ninth Street coffee
Stumptown Coffee Roasters


But put on some great tunes and let’s get cracking.

  1. First thing you need to do is measure the right amount of beans and grind them. I dont weigh the beans on a scale anymore – but you need about 50 grams for 700 grams of water. I use a Wilfa coffee grinder for grinding – it’s pretty inexpensive and it works great. For Chemex you need to grind the beans pretty coarse. I use the setting between ‘filter’ and ‘French Press’.
  2. Boil water in the kettle.
  3. Put the filter in the brewer and pour some boiled water through it. This saturates the filter and heats the brewer. Discard the water from the brewer.

    Pouring water through the filter
    Pouring water through the filter
  4. Pour the grinded coffee in the filter.
  5. Make sure the water is about 90 degrees celsius. Then start by pouring approximately twice the amount of water that you have coffee over the beans. In this example with 50 grams of coffee it’s 100 grams of water (you could use a scale to make this exact, but i just do wing it).  Pour in circles.

    Pouring water over the coffee
    Pouring water over the coffee
  6. Let it bloom and smell it 🙂 Wait about 30 seconds before start pouring the rest of the water over the coffee. Again pour in circles and dont pour to much water at the time – about 100 grams at the time.
  7. When all the water has dripped through remove and discard the filter and coffee beans.
  8. Put a cactus and fancy magazine next to the coffee and snap a few shots for instagram 🙂

    Coffee time
    Coffee time
  9. Pour the coffee in you favourite mug and enjoy a great cup of coffee.

Links to equipment:

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